Artist’s Point, Grand Marais, MN – Slides, October 2011

I’ve been running through having film developed that’s been sitting in my freezer for waaaay too long. Case in point: These slides from 2011 – I think. The film is Fuji Astia 100F, which was discontinued in 2011 I believe. I have no idea which camera I used for this, but I suspect it was the Leicaflex – some of the slides showed symptoms of the focus issues I was having, where the focal plane was behind my intended target. I have since mothballed the Leicaflex body, and swapped the mounts to use on my Pentax bodies – where they show no sign of any focus issues, so it was something specific to the camera body. Anyway – it’s too bad this film was discontinued – the exposure latitude seems to have been a bit deeper than Velvia, with lower contrast, and a more neutral color balance. Judging by the results – I would say if you have or find any of this film and it has been stored in a freezer – it should be good to go. No color shifts, and the unexposed leader is as clear as it should be. These images were primarily taken around Artists Point in Grand Marais, MN.