5 Videos of Bight Club at the Northrop

Back on 7/22 Bight Club + Sims and Lazerbeak played a rescheduled show, due to being rained out on 7/15. I hadn’t heard of Bight Club before, and didn’t realize the singer was Spyder Babie until he took his hat off three or four songs in. I had heard a couple SBRD\2%Muck songs, and knew of SBRD from a few of his appearances with MDS, but really didn’t know much of the work. Right after the show I picked up Grime World, and Bight Club’s Dreamworld vs Minneapolis records right away. Hard to describe, except to say that it’s pretty fucking weird, and I dig it. Bight Club’s website says this: “Bight Club MC Jeremy Nutzman and beatsmith Tony Rabiola don’t toy with subtlety. Instead, their hip-hop duo Bight Club gnashes its electric teeth and digs in with Nutzman’s AndrĂ© 3000-channeled flow. The result is a high-energy product that diverges from all other Twin Cities hip-hop sects. It manages an amalgamation of old (funk), recent (Outkast’s “ATLiens”) and a glaring newness. That is to say, it’s so far from boring.” I’m not sure what all of that means, so check out a few videos here from their show and decide for yourself. You can see more on Bight Club at [their site] and Spyder Babie Raw Dog and 2% Muck on [TGNP’s website].