Apostle Islands Ice Caves

So this post is two parts: Cool photos of the iced over Apostle Island Mainland Sea Caves; and Reality check. So here’s the cool photos: And .. here’s the reality check. For one : THOUSANDS of people. Parking is about two miles of cars on the main road, and another 1/2 mile of cars on both sides of the beach access road. There’s a command center at the end. There’s snowmobiles gathering up those that hurt themselves and can’t walk back. There’s kids EVERYWHERE. All of the icicles within reach have been broken off. There are well-worn paths into and around everything. And really – the ice formations themselves are really not that rare. Anywhere you have rock, especially sandstone, and underground springs – you’ll get ice formations like this in the winter. Here’s the reality photos: (Keep in mind, we hit the ice around 4pm – well after the main rush) And finally… A test. Here’s a little animated 3D like image: ice_cave_animation