Film Pics from Glacial Lakes State Park – Light Leaks Galore

kiev88-lightleaks-winterFeb13-4   Some more photos from the Kiev 88CM. The light leaks are out of control, and far worse than the previous roll I developed. I knew I would probably deal with some light leaks and flares, but I’m surprised how many and how significant they are. I suspect most of the leaks I’m getting are related to the film magazines and not the camera itself, so I’m going to start there with my fixes. I ordered some Hasselblad film magazine light seals, and may make a how-to video on how to replace them since good information seems hard to come by. A few of these images may be salvageable. These were taken at Glacial Lakes State Park, in February of 2013. Digital pics here. These are on Ilford Pan F ISO 50 film \ rated at 50, developed in Rodinal 1+50.