The Exakta 66 Wasn’t Salvageable

sick_exakta66-6   This set of images is from a camera I inherited – An Ihagee Dresden Exacta 66 (postwar vertical).

Exakta 66 Postwar Vertical

I was always a big fan of the camera – it looked cool, it had a nice weight to it, and overall function was a cross between a TLR and a Hasselblad. It was a mirror reflex camera – so what you see is what you get – and it had a Zeiss Jena 80mm f2.8 lens, albeit an early design – but image quality should have been excellent. The mechanicals felt good, but the shutter needed servicing and the film advance wasn’t working right. I found a specialist who did the CLA for me, and managed to fix the film advance, but unfortunately the first time I took it out the advance got hosed up and it overlapped frames. The lens was also questionable. So as much as I enjoy having old weirdo cameras in my collection, I had to recoup the costs of having it serviced, and sold it on eBay. Anything sold always ends up financing a replacement, so I’m never too heartbroken. If you ever run across one of these at a reasonable price, snap it up. They’ve sold for $500-900 on eBay for a long time. These images are from Lakewood Cemetery, and the Landscape Arboretum.