Lillies, and Bees, and things.

This first photo taken with a Vivitar \ Komine 28mm close focus lens; a 30-40 year old, manual focus lens, which can be had for $40-60 – and is an entirely workable walkabout lens with an effective field of view similar to a 50mm on 35 (on a crop sensor). bee and flower vivitar komine 28mm close focus pentax   The remainder of these photos were taken with the Pentax 18-270mm (essentially a Pentax-branded Tamron lens). Overall a decent piece of kit, but the focus can be painfully slow, making it better suited for landscape \ scenery \ slow-moving subjects. Fast-moving small subjects like bees are nearly impossible to image – these are 3 shots of probably 25-30 that I took. This is by no means a sports lens. But for a general vacation walk-about \ do almost everything \ super-zoom lens – its pretty good.